King Charles to break ‘900-year’ coronation rule as guest list cut to 2,000

King Charles III is set to make another modernisation to the upcoming coronation this May, and it impacts those in attendance.

With a guest list of just 2,000 people, compared to the massive 8,300 for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's back in 1953, it marks another major step for the new era of the Royal Family.

The King of England is set to have a stripped back coronation in contrast to the large crowds on show for his mother's, but those in attendance will break a 900-year tradition.

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Inviting guests from around the world and cutting the guest list down to just 2,000 appears to be yet another modernisation the Monarch is making.

However, in breaking tradition, King Charles will be inviting foreign monarchs to the coronation, extending invitations to the King of Jordan and Scandinavian royals, a source claimed.

That source, speaking to Daily Mail, said: "I believe the rule began because a Coronation is meant to be a monarch’s private event with God.

"At the Queen’s Coronation there were no crowned monarchs, only the protectorate rulers like the Queen of Tonga. It’s been a tradition for centuries.

"Inviting the King of Jordan, the Sultan of Brunei, the Sultan of Oman and the Scandinavian royals – who are all friends of Charles – will be a good bit of soft power and diplomacy."

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A separate source concurred and noted that although King Charles was set to celebrate his coronation, the event would feel more akin to that of a "royal wedding".

They said: "You can expect the guest list for the Coronation to more closely resemble that of a royal wedding than the Coronation 70 years ago."

Daily Star had previously reported the King of England was keen to make some key changes to the proceedings, with one "dated" tradition being left in the past.

The King appeared adamant on ditching a specific part of his attire as he and Queen Consort Camilla believe it is "too dated".

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