King Charles’ ‘secret son’ jabs royals for hiding ‘dirty walls’ of Palace

The so-called 'secret son' of King Charles has posted a veiled comment about the state of the "dirty walls" of Buckingham Palace.

Taking to Facebook to air his fury over the "not very Royal" showcase of dirtied walls at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Simon Charles Dorante-Day was livid about the dirt.

His veiled comments about the "dirty walls" of Buckingham Palace come after repeated requests for the Royal Family, namely King Charles III, to take a paternity test.

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His most recent post has seen him hoping to "expose" the dirt and "lift the veil" on the family in a veiled attack on The Firm.

Taking to Facebook, Dorante-Day said: "Now, who’s got 'Dirty Walls'? Just saying! That’s not very Royal, is it?

"They can hide their dirt under burgundy cloth and gold braid however, we all know it's just sweeping it under the carpet!!

"Some dirt can be cleaned, and some won’t come out with no amount of scrubbing! All that must be done to expose the “dirt” is lift the veil!"

Despite his post racking up a couple hundred reactions and a handful of comments, Dorante-Day's "dirty walls" analogy was picked apart by one person in the comments section.

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They wrote: "That's natural aging one doesn't wash or clean those kind of surfaces."

Despite the "natural aging" of the "dirty walls", it would appear that Dorante-Day is continuing to seek a form of paternity test and proof that he is actually a relation of King Charles III.

Daily Star had previously reported Dorante-Day was hoping to pin King Charles with a DNA test through a Netflix broadcast that would see the pair tested to see if they really were related.

Dorante-Day has repeatedly made the claim that he is the son of Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles as well as King Charles III, claims that have not been substantiated.

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