Kim Jong-un goes Peaky Blinders with Tommy Shelby cap during weapon factory tour

North Korea's despotic leader Kim Jong-un has seemingly confirmed his favourite television show is a British classic, after making a stylish appearance at a weapons factory.

The 39-year-old Supreme Leader of North Korea was recently spotted on a three-day tour of a very big and very dangerous weapons factory where nuclear missiles are thought to be under development.

And while there, he donned a Peaky Blinders-style cap, clearly in honour of lead character Tommy Shelby.

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Although not as stylish as the one worn by actor Cillian Murphy, the despot clearly loved wearing it . . . because he didn't remove it once during the tour.

Pictures from the tour show him holding a giant gun while wearing the cap, firing a gun on a shooting range while wearing the cap, and later being given some kind of guided tour about the factory – yes, while wearing the cap.

During the visit, Kim stressed – with the cap firmly on his head – the facility’s “important responsibility and duty” in further boosting his military’s “war preparations,” North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency said.

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He also praised the factory’s efforts to employ “scientific and technological measures” to improve the quality of deadly weapons shells, reduce processing times for propellant tubes and increase manufacturing speed.

Kim also urged the factory to move ahead with development and large-scale production of new kinds of ammunition.

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He echoed the message in visits to two other factories during the trip, calling the delivery of launcher trucks designed to transport and fire ballistic missiles “a top priority” for the military.

He also urged for the “rapid expansion” of production of more reliable engines for cruise missiles and drones.

And, according to a source speaking to the Daily Star, Kim also ordered the factory to make more hats . . . because he loves them so much.

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