Keep quiet! Biden ‘kowtows to Xi’ after US athletes told to stay silent on China abuses

Dutch reporter taken by security during Winter Olympics

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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has told US athletes to kowtow to Communist China while they are competing in the Winter Olympic Games. In a speech earlier this week, Ms Pelosi told US athletes not to “risk incurring the anger of the Chinese government” by speaking out against the regime. The leading Democrat and the White House have suffered a furious backlash for the remarks, with several Republicans calling the advice “disgusting”.

At a press conference on Thursday, she told athletes: “You are there to compete. Do not risk incurring the anger of the Chinese government because they are ruthless.”

She told athletes to try and avoid angering the communist regime, despite China’s numerous human rights abuses.

Republican House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy responded: “To me it is disgusting.

“Pelosi first protected China from any investigations into the origin of Covid when more than 5.7 million people have died around the world.

“Now she is protecting China from any American showing objections in China itself.”

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He added: “Why wouldn’t the Speaker stand up against China, knowing the millions they have killed, and what is going on in slave labour camps?

“Why wouldn’t the President, the leader of the free world stand up to China, instead of bowing a knee to them?”

Fox News host Jesse Watters added: “Pelosi has told these athletes to shut up about tyranny.

“I don’t know Nancy didn’t say this ‘If a Chinese communist touches even a hair on one of our own bobsledders, our curlers, our downhill skiers, they will be met with the full force of the US Government, case closed’.”

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UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal reacted by saying the US shouldn’t even send athletes to a country where it is “so dangerous to even speak”.

Senator Marsha Blackburn said Ms Pelosi’s comments are “disgusting” and called out the hypocrisy from the Biden administration in allowing American media to broadcast the games.

She told Fox News: “This is disgusting to tell our athletes, ‘Don’t tell us what you’re seeing. Just keep your mouth shut.’

“The Chinese Communist Party has said they’re conducting extreme censorship, that they have to approve everything that is going to go out about China, about the games.”


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She continued: “And to be kowtowing to this?

“For Pelosi to say what she did when she has supported BLM in the US, but then she is saying, ‘Oh, don’t you dare speak out anything against the Chinese Communist Party’?

“This is unseemly. It is uncalled-for.”

The Republican Party in America has promised sanctions for the International Olympic Committee if any US athlete or fan goes missing during the game.

On Wednesday, 14 Republican members signed a letter calling the Beijing Olympics “an unprecedented threat to American values” due to the genocide of Uyghur Muslims and the refusal to move the Winter Games from China.

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