Kayaker escapes from jaws of great white shark after it emerges

South Africa: Orcas are hunting great white shark

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A fisherman was left terrified after a great white shark came close to his kayak while he was fishing and attempted to take a chunk out of his paddle. Matthew Gorne was fishing at Spencr Gulf, an inlet outside of Port Augusta in South Australia, when he spotted the predator lurking by the boat. He managed to capture the ordeal on a GoPro and posted the shocking moment to Facebook, reports the Mirror.

Matthew pulled up the paddle and sat as still as he could in his kayak while hoping the shark would move on and swim past.

But the great white took an interest in Matthew’s paddle and launched itself out of the water while sinking its teeth into the item.

Matthew believed the shark measured about three metres long (9.8 feet).

“F***!” he screamed and he quickly paddled his way to the port.

“I know I’m stupid for going out there without a shark shield,” he told the Australian Advertiser. “I will definitely be investing in one now though.”

A spokesman for the local council said: “It’s a spot where a lot of fishermen berley the water… fortunately for most sharks that come up here are usually well fed by the kingfish. Where there’s big fish there’s often bigger fish.”

While shark attacks are uncommon in South Australia, it comes just weeks after Port Hedland man Robbie Peck was attacked.

He was spearfishing underwater with friends and family at the start of October when the shark pounced.

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By a stroke of luck, he survived the ordeal and sent a heartfelt thank you to the community as he returned home following a long recovery at Royal Perth Hospital.

Mr Peck said he wanted to show his appreciation following his “run-in with an over-friendly bull shark a month or so ago”.

Writing on social media he said: “Stoked to be back home. Stoked to still have an arm. Stoked to have my life.

“I can’t thank our amazing Port Hedland community enough – my family and I are so grateful for the support, prayers and thoughts we’ve received.

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“It’s been incredibly humbling. This is why we’re so proud to call Hedland our home.”

He posted a photo alongside his post and it was a photo of him smiling, wearing a t-shirt with a great white shark swallowing a diver on the front with the tagline “Stay Positive”.

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