Kate Middleton ‘served up glamour with capital K’ at royal reception says expert

The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, has been praised for her “stunning” style after wowing during an appearance at the South African State Banquet earlier this week.

The even was held at Buckingham Palace in honour of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, who is currently in the UK.

But rather than world leaders or even UK-based guests taking centre stage, it was Kate who shone.

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And a long-time critic of Kate's brother-in-law Prince Harry was awestruck by Kate, who exhuded “glamour with a capital K”.

Writing for news.com.au, Daniela Elser said: “This is a woman who very, very rarely gives interviews and despite the ubiquity of her image in the media is actually a Sphinx-like, inscrutable mystery.

“Her comments in public are generally restricted to sweet conversations with little kids, discussing mental health and early childhood issues with various experts and smiling like a woman whose job depends on it, which to some degree it does.Kate’s voice – both literally and figuratively – is something we really don’t hear all that often.

“So, when something like Wednesday’s state banquet outfit happens then it feels a bit like her yelling across the room with a certain heady bravura.”

Kate wore a long white dress, with a white cape adorned with several jewels on the shoulder.

She was also pictured wearing a crown-like tiara, full of diamonds and pearls, as well as matching earnings.

The event was also historic for it being King Charles III's first even since becoming Head of State after the death of Her Majesty The Queen earlier this year.

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Elser added: “The Princess clearly understands the power of image and the Kate who stepped into the Buckingham Palace ballroom was reeking, in the best possible way, of not only power but of a woman clearly very comfortable with owning her power completely.

“This was an outfit designed to make a very clear statement; this was a look about making an impression and being seen, not melting into the scenery.

“No longer is she two steps removed from the throne but is beginning her lengthy apprenticeship that will ultimately see her being crowned inside Westminster Abbey.”

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