Kangaroo attacks golfer as he uses club to defend himself in astonishing video

Footage of a terrified golfer being forced to defend himself with his clubs as he is targeted by an angry kangaroo has resurfaced online following another attack.

The incident, which is believed to have occurred at the Sanctuary Cove Golf Course on the Gold Coast, Australia, shows the aggressive animal bounding up to the player wearing a blue polo shirt.

He tries to back away and retreat to his golf cart with his playing partner but the growling roo doesn't want to back down, prompting him to use one of his clubs to protect himself.

However, his attempt at self-defence proved futile when he slipped and was attacked by the kangaroo.

The video, which was originally posted to YouTube three years ago, has reemerged after a number of similar incidents at another golf club in the area.

At least 15 people were attacked and two were hospitalised in the most recent attacks, including Mary Kohler, 64, who was left with large cuts on her neck, arms and back.

Speaking to 9News after the animal ambushed her at Arundel Hills Country Club earlier this month, she said: "I didn't see what hit me.

"One of my girlfriends jumped out of the cart with a golf club and pounded the kangaroo off my back. It was quite terrifying. At this stage, I didn't realise the extent of my injuries."

In another video posted to Facebook, a club member tells staff one roo has attacked 15 people and 'is still out there.'

They said: "A woman went to hospital with 27 stitches in her head and neck… what if it attacks a kid?"

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Players say the kangaroo attacks have been happening for years, but the animals are still free to roam as the club has posted signs reading: "Do not approach kangaroos at all times."

More players are being forced to defend themselves with their own golf clubs as the aggressive marsupials openly charge at players.

According to Queensland Parks and Wildlife, the golf club is private property and would need to call a specialist to relocate any dangerous kangaroos.

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Back in 2020, an angry kangaroo punched a dad in the face and kicked him to the ground following a frightening standoff on Christmas Day as Mitchell Robinson tried to protect his children in Australia.

Footage showed the angry animal squaring up to his victim before hitting him with his paw and then kicking him to the ground.

The dangerous animal had been loitering and digging holes in their home's front yard in South West Rocks in New South Wales.

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