Kabul Airport horror sees Afghans fall to their death after clinging to plane to escape

Kabul: Harrowing footage shows people falling from plane

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Kabul airport has been the scene of chaos as desperate Afghan civilians attempt to secure passage out of the country following the Taliban’s sudden seizure of power. A number of people have been reportedly killed at the airport amid desperate attempts to flee Afghanistan. Shocking video captured from the airport in Kabul appears to show the moment two people fell from the undercarriage of a departing flight. 

The short clip shows a large aircraft taking off from the runway at Kabul airport.

As the plane begins to lift steepling into the air and gain altitude, what appears to be a person can be seen falling from the fuselage.

The figure, believed to be a stowaway, is followed second later by a second Afghan who also plummets to their death.

Kabul airport has been filled with desperate evacuees looking to leave Afghanistan as Taliban forces move in.

US troops have been hastily deployed to secure the perimeter of the airport amid a complete collapse of security at the facility.

At least three people are reported to have been killed at the airport according to Washington Street Journal correspondent Sune Engel Rassmussen.

He wrote: “At least 3 civilians, including a woman, were killed by gunfire amid the chaos at Kabul airport, where the U.S. military has taken control of security.

“Thousands of Afghans have swarmed the airport hoping for evacuation flights.”

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Gunshots heard at Kabul airport as Afghans attempt to flee country

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