Joe Biden’s COP26 appearance torn apart as President ‘can’t stay awake for speeches’

Joe Biden appears to fall asleep at COP26

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The US president was referred to by his predecessor, Donald Trump, as “Sleepy Joe” – among other names he would use for his political enemies. Scores of Twitter users took the opportunity to criticise the president, with many using Mr Trump’s insult.

@PaolettiMichael tweeted: “No one said no one. I haven’t heard anyone say that ever and it was Biden who campaigned that he would deliver when it comes to covid. He also said he would never mandate. He must have been taking his afternoon nap when he said that. Sleepy Joe is who you support. Smart.”

@AbnRgr504 added: “Sleepy Joe Embarrasses Us Again At an international climate conference of supposedly surpassing importance, President Joe Biden figured he’d take a lil’ nap.”

During the presidential election campaign, Mr Biden released his medical records, which showed he was in good health – something that was attributed to his decision not to smoke or drink and instead worked out for at least five days a week, LBC reports. It comes at the crucial UN climate talks in Glasgow, in which it is hoped world leaders will iron out agreements that will keep the world’s temperature rise to 1.5 C.

Key figures, including Boris Johnson, Prince Charles and David Attenborough, tried to convince countries to act.

In a dramatic warning, Mr Johnson said a rise of four degrees would see major population centres get claimed by rising sea levels.

Mr Johnson said: “Four degrees, and we say goodbye to whole cities, Miami, Alexandria, Shanghai, all lost beneath the waves.

“The longer we fail to act and the worse it gets and the higher the price when we are forced by catastrophe to act.”

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Mr Biden said in his speech: “Let this be the moment when we answer history’s call, here in Glasgow.”

However, many agree that it is hard to take speech by Mr Biden seriously after he was sleeping while delegates spoke and that consequently, Cop26 has done more to turn the average person away from the cause.

Numerous individuals have concluded that the event is a farce by pointing out the world leaders’ hypocrisy.

@lukecharles10 tweeted: “All back on the private jets! Jeff Bezos’s £48m Gulf Stream leads a stampede of executive planes out of COP26 (while Joe Biden’s Air Force One flight forces SIX commercial flights to burn fuel as they circle for 30 minutes).”

@AM Jacob added: “The planet will survive – it’s mankind that’s in danger. Frankly, if the best they can do is fly in on private jets, attend large banquets and lecture the rest of us on how we (not they) need to change, then they’re part of the problem, not the solution.”

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