Joe Biden spills details of private Queen meeting in ‘royal protocol breach’

Joe Biden is said to have revealed the details of a private conversation he had with the Queen at G7, in what is described as a breach of royal protocol.

In the podcast Pod Save the Queen, host Ann Gripper spoke to Daily Mirror royal editor Russell Myers who was in Cornwall for last week's summit.

The US President was invited to a private tea with the Queen on June 13 and later briefed journalists on what they had been talking about, according to Myers.

He said: "I saw some of the American press kicking off, saying it was unprecedented that the press core has not been invited into the castle and I thought, get a grip, you know."

"They are not invited in, because it is a private meeting, there was no royal rota or anything, we don't get briefed about the conversations, it was considered private," he added.

"Then Biden comes out and he briefs the US media just before he jumps back on Marine One [the helicopter used by the President].

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"He reveals that the Queen asked him about President Putin and Xi Jinping and I thought was, I don't know, pretty tricky because he's just revealed a private conversation that no other media has been briefed on."

Deputy political editor Ben Glaze chipped in: "We all know about what the protocol is, when you have a meeting with the Queen, you don't chat about it."

It is not the first time the US President raised eyebrows with respect to royal protocol during the event, as he also allegedly broke another rule.

After having tea and cake with Her Majesty, Joe Biden said she reminded him of his mum and said he meant it as a compliment.

He revealed: "We had a long talk. She was very generous. I don’t think she’d be insulted but she reminded me of my mother.

"In terms of the look of her and just the generosity. She was very gracious."

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