JFK assassination: CIA’s shock plot to frame Fidel Castro for president’s death exposed

John F. Kennedy (JFK) was murdered while riding in the presidential limousine in Dallas, Texas in 1963. The trip was intended to smooth frictions in the Democratic Party between liberals Ralph Yarborough and Don Yarborough and conservative John Connally, but Kennedy was shot once in the back and once in the head en route.

Working as an order filler at the Texas School Book Depository – a building which the motorcade passed – was Oswald.

Oswald was no stranger to the authorities, having defected to Russia a number of years earlier.

A devout Marxist and communist sympathiser, Oswald was enamoured by the leftist leaders of the world.

He was arrested and charged with the murder of JFK – an accusation supported by several eye witness statements on the day.

Oswald, however, denied the murder allegations, maintaining that he was “patsy” – a scapegoat for something much bigger than himself.

In the following years President Lyndon Johnson opened an inquiry dubbed ‘Warren Commission’.

It found that Oswald worked alone in the assassination.

Dozens of theories have since emerged that Oswald was indeed not alone, and that the assassination was part of a larger government conspiracy.

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Many claim that Oswald was in fact working with the US government, FBI, and CIA.

In an interview during the 2013 documentary, Killing Oswald, Professor Joan Mellen explained how Oswald might have been a pawn in an attempt by the CIA to frame Fidel Castro, Cuba’s then leader, for the assassination of JFK.

This line of argument has been made by many, and refers to the bizarre event of Oswald unsuccessfully attempting to gain a visa to Cuba in Mexico City.

In September 1963, he bounced between the Cuban and Russian embassies in Mexico’s capital city.


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Failing to secure the visa, either Oswald or an impersonator later on called the Cuban embassy, confirming that he had visited the embassy earlier on that day – for what reason is unknown.

Professor Mellen claimed that this might have been an attempt to cover his tracks as a double agent.

She said: “Oswald was doing his best to keep up his cover.

“The CIA had a plan to blame Castro for the assassination, and to make Oswald the agent of Fidel Catro.

“In particular the great propagandist specialist of the CIA, David Attlee Phillips, who was also Oswald’s handler.

“As we know from Antonio Vessiano, who testified, he saw Oswald with his own handler, whose name was Morris Bishop.”

If true, the plan ultimately failed, as Oswald never made it to Cuba nor did he make acquaintance with Castro.

In the same documentary, former army Major John Newman said of the Cuba fiasco: “My explanation is that the story reflects a failure in the primary mission which was that Oswald or the Oswald character was supposed to get to Cuba.

“Ostensibly on his way to the soviet union, but to get to Cuba to help cement this story that they were putting into the files that Oswald was connected to Castro, working for Castro, when he killed Kennedy.

“When that failed, ostensibly because he couldn’t get the visas from the cubans or the soviets who wouldn’t do it, they had to come up with a plan B.”

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