Jaguar claws idiot’s hand who climbed over barrier to taunt big cat at zoo

A jaguar clawed the hand of an idiotic zoo visitor who climbed over a barrier to wind it up.

The victim was sent packing to hospital as he retreated from the big cat's enclosure, leaving behind him a trail of blood.

According to local news reports in Florida, a man decided he wanted a more interactive experience at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens on Tuesday.

After scaling a safety barrier to get closer to the jaguar, he stuck his hand through the fence and unsurprisingly had it seriously wounded, reports WJXT News4Jax.

Defending its territory against an intruder, the big cat swiped at the visitor's invasive arm, drawing blood.

Deputy zoo director Dan Maloney said: "This is an individual that wasn’t using his head.

"He stuck his hand in through the mesh that separates the jaguars from the outside."

According to IFLScience, the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department responded to the man before he was taken to a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

The man – thought to be in his 20s – taunted Harry the 12-year-old cat inside the Range of the Jaguar exhibit.

Harry the jaguar had previously been involved in the death of the zoo's older female jaguar in February.

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But the latest incident was the first time anyone had been injured since the jaguar exhibit at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, opened eleven years ago.

Defending Harry's actions, zoo Marketing Director, Kelly Rouillard said there will be no further consequence for the cat.

She told Florida Times-Union: "He was acting as part of his normal behaviour for a wild animal.

"We expect that type of behaviour from wild animals and nothing will happen to him."

The man tried excusing his position reaching into the enclosure as him simply getting his phone back after dropping it.

However CCTV caught him waving at Harry to grab his attention and stating the jaguar "seemed cool".

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens do not intend to press charges.

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