ISIS’ most deadly lady brainwashed girls to kill ‘masturbated’ over hitting kids

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    A court filing listed the physical and sexual abuse family members allegedly suffered at the hands of a convicted ISIS battalion leader.

    Allison Fluke-Ekren, 42, faces a possible 20-year sentence for her crimes, which include providing material support to Islamic State as a judge currently ponders her sentencing.

    The Kansas native pleaded guilty to terrorism charges after she admitted to leading the Khatiba Nusaybah, an all-female battalion of the Islamic State that is build of around 100 women and girls.

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    The Khatiba Nusaybah teachers members as young as 10-years-old to use grenades, automatic weapons and even suicide belts.

    Despite already pleading guilty to some charges, the sentencing of Fluke-Ekren may rely on the "cruelty" of various kinds she committed against her own children.

    First Assistant U.S. Attorney Raj Parekh wrote: "Allison Fluke-Ekren brainwashed young girls and trained them to kill.

    "She carved a path of terror, plunging her own children into unfathomable depths of cruelty by physically, psychologically, emotionally, and sexually abusing them."

    One of Fluke-Ekren’s daughters claimed her mother would "beat my body, leaving my muscles cramping in agony".

    The daughter said: "[She] would then go to her room and masturbate over the fact that she beat me. I could hear her from the other room."

    Fluke-Ekren’s son also spoke out against his mother claiming she molested him, while he called her a "monster" who "enjoys torturing children for sexual pleasure."

    "I know her and I know she wants to lie her way out of this, to get a slap on the wrist and try to use a sob story to once again get power and access to victims," the son wrote.

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    Despite the accusations placed against her, Fluke-Ekren has denied many of the abuse allegations.

    According to her defense attorney Joseph King, she said she is "shocked and saddened by these allegations but acknowledges [her daughter] experienced trauma in Syria."

    King has pushed for a sentence under 20 years for his client with the sentencing set for November 1.

    However, it remains unclear how much the allegations from her children would directly affect her potential stint in prison due to it not being related to the terrorism crimes she's already pleaded guilty to.


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