Idiot burglar caught after leaving personalised Bible behind at the scene

An idiot burglar that escaped a crime scene was later caught after he left behind his personalised bible.

Last Sunday, Bradley Scott Dunn attempted to steal a parked car outside of a home in Texas, USA.

During his attempt to break into the car, the household’s dog began barking and woke up the homeowner.

After checking the surveillance cameras the homeowner spotted the burglar attempting to break into his wife’s car.

He told Texan news station KFDX that he immediately went outside and confronted the burglar.

The pair immediately got into a struggle inside the car.

After struggling for some time the homeowner said the burglar got free and tried to run away.

Thankfully he was able to wrestle off the thief's backpack but he fled the scene.

Inside the black backpack was a map of the local area and a bible that had the thief's name inscribed.

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After contacting Wichita Falls police they made two photo lineups which both residents picked out Dunn.

The religious robber was found to have had nine previous arrests in the area.

Dunn was charged with burglary of a vehicle on Sunday.

The burglar is also a rapper and goes by the name Flizzy Montana and M.C Flea.

In his online profiles, Dunn can be seen posing with a handful of dollars and wearing a bullet-proof vest.

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