Idaho murder suspect may have ‘disclosed key details of killings on Facebook’

A suspect in the killings of four Idaho University students may have posted key details about the crime to Facebook.

Bryan Kohberger, 28, is accused of murdering Kaylee Goncalves and Madison Mogen, both 21, and Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin, both 20, as they slept in their student house in November 2022.

Now, internet sleuths have discovered a Facebook user by the name of Pappa Rodger who took to the social network on several separate occasions to post in great detail about the killings in various different groups, the New York Post reported.

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One of the statuses, written on November 30, read: "Of the evidence released, the murder weapon has been consistent as a large fixed blade knife. This leads me to believe they found the sheath."

And while authorities did find a knife sheath at the murder scene, this information wasn't made public until after Kohberger’s arrest on December 30.

Former FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer said this comment was particularly interesting, tweeting: "I have followed #papparodger comments with intrigue. This comment was of particular interest after the release of the PCA. The comments just seem to hit home."

Comments made on Reddit by a user called InsideLooking have also drawn suspicion, with some believing Kohberger may have been behind this account too, according to the Daily Mail.

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One post read: "Killer parked behind the house. Approached property through tree line. Entered sliding door and left it open. Committed murders and exited sliding door. One knife according to corners […] statement. Time of murder approximately 3:20am – 3:40 am."

One user challenged Coffindaffer, stating: "I just find it hard to believe he would leave a digital trail that incriminating. The police have his computer now."

But the former FBI agent said the posts showed a "criminal bound to be caught."

“He drove his own car, carried his phone, and didn’t Clip in his sheath tight enough, so I do believe he could leave a digital trail," she wrote.

"He was a hot mess. Intelligence w/no common sense equals a criminal bound to be caught."

An administrator of the University of Idaho Murders Facebook discussion group said Pappa Rodger "argued incessantly with people and said some really creepy stuff."

Police have not confirmed whether they are looking into the posts, or if they believe the anonymous accounts are connected with Kohberger.

An affidavit said how the victims' surviving roommate, Dylan Mortensen, saw a man approach the sliding door of their home.

It also reveals there were several sightings of a "suspect" vehicle near the house between 3:29 am and 4:20 am on the day of the murder.

Kohberger has been accused of four counts of first-degree murder felony burglary for his alleged involvement in the murders.

Cell phone data released in an unsealed affidavit showed the suspect stalked his victims for several weeks before allegedly stabbing them to death between 4 am and 4:25 am on November 13, 2022.

Kohberger's DNA has also reportedly been found on a leather sheath found next to the victims, who were all stabbed to death.

The suspect has not yet entered a plea.

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