IAEA ‘gravely concerned’ over Zaporizhzhia nuclear accident fears

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The International Atomic Agency (IAEA) has said it is still “gravely concerned” about the status of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine. The nuclear and and thermal power stations were both captured by Russian forces on March 4, and is reportedly be controlled by Moscow’s state nuclear energy firm Rosatom.

In a report published after the inspection of the power plant, the IAEA said there is an “urgent need for interim measures” to prevent a nuclear accident after physical damage was caused to the station.

The IAEA added the damage was caused “by military activity”, and said they observed damage around the plant including on buildings containing nuclear fuel and a waste storage facility.

The IAEA added a Safety and Security Protection Zone “must be established” around Zaporizhzhia, and said they are ready to begin consultations for the zone “immediately”.


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