Hunter who killed huge black bear with bow and arrow breaks record

A hunter who killed an enormous 700lb black bear armed with a bow and arrow has set a new record.

The massive black bear was shot in New Jersey last October but hunter Jeff Melillo had his record kill officially announced on February 8.

Melillo now goes down as scoring the largest ever "bow and arrow harvested black bear in North America", hunting organisation Pope and Young Club announced.

The organisation revealed Melillo shot the bear in Morris County on October 14, breaking the record held since 1993 by a hunter in California.

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Responding to the news in the statement, Melillo said: “It has been an inspiring journey, to say the least.

“New Jersey, my home state, has its First-Ever World Record Animal! Many years ago, I read an article in Outdoor Life Magazine stating that the New World Record Black Bear will most likely come from New Jersey.

"They were spot on, and I never doubted it for one second.”

Club director Randall recorded the animal's skull was more than 23 inches long.

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He said: “I was not prepared for the amount of mass the skull possessed.

"Not only was the skull huge, but the bone structure was the heaviest I had ever seen.”

The majestic black bear will now undergo taxidermy ahead of Pope and Young’s annual convention in Virginia in March.

Despite calls to ban black bear hunting in New Jersey’s black bear hunt, it continues on private lands, according to the New York Post.

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