‘Human Ken Doll’ completely unrecognisable in new pictures as she plans new op

Jessica Alves, whose extraordinary £800,000 cosmetic surgery journey has been played out in public for over a decade, has revealed her latest transformation in a new photoshoot.

Jessica has undergone further radical surgery in a Thai clinic, including painful-sounding head reduction surgery as well as an operation on her throat to give her voice a more feminine tone.

Although she was brought up as a boy by her parents in São Paulo, Brazil, Jessica says she knew she was female “since the age of three, four, five, six” and naturally gravitated to girls’ toys and clothing.

A sizeable inheritance – her net worth was estimated in 2018 as being over £30 million – has enabled her to spend a great deal of time and money on achieving her image of perfection.

Referring to her tabloid nickname The Human Ken Doll,” Jessica said "I'd always felt feminine and when I struggled to be manly with my personality, I decided to make my appearance as masculine as possible instead.

“But no matter how much I looked like Ken nothing eased the pain of being Barbie inside."

Jessica told the Daily Mail why she felt she needed the surgery to change her voice: “My current voice is considered androgynous,” she said.

“It isn't a male voice but it isn't a female voice either which leaves people very confused over the phone as they don't know if they are talking to a man or a woman".

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“It is very exhausting for me to always correct the tone and the pitch of my voice when talking to people or when I am on a date," she added, saying that she thought that her voice was the only thing that betrayed the fact that 'I' is a trans woman.

'”I have been turning down a lot of job offers for TV roles where I have to speak a lot," she said, "as I don't like my voice and it plays a lot of my confidence.

“Currently most of the TV shows I do are in Brazil, Germany and Italy and those are long term contracts which I have to fulfil even though I hate my voice and I don't want to speak much.

“Having voice feminisation surgery will give me a lot more confidence to do more TV shows.”

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Jessica, who now lives in London, became an international celebrity through reality TV shows such as the American documentary series Botched, which showed cosmetic surgeons attempting to improve previously unsuccessful procedures.

That led to an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother in 2018, where she was controversially ejected from the house after an unspecified “incident”.

But since then she’s been rarely out of the news, undergoing dozens of expensive and often painful-looking procedures – all of which are chronicled online for her 5.2 million Instagram followers.

Next on the list could be an even more ambitious surgery project.

She told Closer magazine last year: “Even if it cost a million pounds to have one, I'd find a way to do it. I would love a baby that has my own genes and blood, and I have my frozen sperm so I could use that for IVF.

“All I wanted was to be a woman and having gender reassignment surgery was the happiest day of my life. But having a womb would be even better – I would feel complete if I could give birth.

“I would love to have a brood of children. I would make me so happy to be called mummy’.”

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