Huge majority would NOT take Russia’s coronavirus vaccine – ‘Rather self-isolate forever’

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On Tuesday Moscow’s strongman announced the approval of a COVID-19 vaccine for use, claiming it as a “world first,” as questions began swirling over its safety and effectiveness. conducted a poll asking readers if they would be willing to take the vaccine as the worldwide death toll surpassed 743,000. 

The overwhelming majority said they would not be willing to take the vaccine, while many said they would rather take their risks with the virus.

When asked, “Would you be willing to take Russia’s new coronavirus vaccine?” just three percent (105) said they didn’t know.

Eighty-two percent (3,107) said they would not be willing to be injected while only 15 percent (530) said they would.

Responding to the poll, one person wrote: “I would rather self isolate until the day I die rather than have this vaccine.”A second said: “If it comes from Russia not on your nelly, or China come to that!”

And yet a third said: “The people who said they would try it need institutional care.”

Others said the origin of the vaccine was not a reason behind their opposition to it.

They argued that an effective vaccine could not have been developed so soon after the pandemic broke out. One person said: “No, any more than I would be prepared to take a Chinese one.

“I have no axe to grind with either country, but if I take anything I need to be under the jurisdiction of my own country so that if there are any comebacks, I or my family can take legal action with a decent chance of success.”

Another reader said they would not be willing to take any COVID vaccine “whether it’s British, US, Russian” or from another nation.

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Speaking on state TV, Mr Putin said: “A vaccine against coronavirus has been registered for the first time in the world this morning.

“I know that it works quite effectively, it forms a stable immunity.”

The President said one of his daughters had already taken the vaccine and reported having a slightly higher temperature after each dose.

But he added: “Now she feels well.”

Intent on being first in the global race to develop a vaccine against the pandemic disease, Russia has yet to conduct large-scale trials of the shot that would produce data to show whether it works – something immunologists and infectious disease experts say could be a “reckless” step.

Ayfer Ali, a specialist in drug research at Britain’s Warwick Business School, said: “Russia is essentially conducting a large population level experiment.”

She said such a super-fast approval could mean that potential adverse effects of a vaccine may not be picked up.

These, while likely to be rare, could be serious, she warned.

The poll ran from 2pm to 11pm on Tuesday, August 11.

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