Hotel to host 9/11 ‘awakening’ party with free cocktails for women in bikinis

The owner of a hotel that is hosting a 9/11 'awakening' party with burlesque, oil wrestling and free cocktails for women in bikinis has been slammed by the local mayor.

Controversial hotelier and conspiracy theorist Dino Joachim believes the September 11 attacks were carried out by the US government and intends to stage an 'awakening' party at his hotel this weekend.

The event, which he calls The Great Awakening, will take place on Saturday at his hotel, the Nightingale, in Shanklin on the Isle of Wight.

Shanklin mayor and IW Council member for Shanklin South, Cllr Chris Quirk, has slammed Joachim, saying that strippers in the garden visible to passing families is a bridge too far.

He told County Press: “Dino does things to shock. He has a marketing strategy to skim off the small percentage of people who like the outrageous.

“If these things were done discretely indoors fair enough, but in my view when they had strippers in the garden visible to passing families on the cliff path before, that was bad enough.

“I’m not enthusiastic about this party and it doesn’t fit with Shanklin’s image.”

The party dress code is shirtless or Hawaiian shirts for men, while women will get a free cocktail if they come in bikinis.

Dino posted on Facebook describing his reasons for throwing the bash: “If you want to take the vaccine go-ahead, if you don’t you shouldn’t be coerced and manipulated into taking it.

“Covid 19 is definitely a real illness, but there is no pandemic.

“The pandemic is as real as 9/11, where the American government blew up the twin towers to inflict fear on to the people.

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“I personally watched the demolition live on TV. And now again I am living in one of the greatest lies in history.

“To celebrate I’m throwing an insane party on 9/11 which you are all welcome to.”

The hotelier had previously banned masks in his hotel, and even put a sign up saying that 'mask cultists' weren't welcome.

He told the County Press that he is "so happy people are wound up by it."

He added that money from ticket sales will go to a charity that supports families directly impacted by 9/11.

The Daily Star has contacted The Nightingale Hotel and the Mayor for comment.

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