Horror plane crash wreckage discovered after millionaire vanishes from air

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    The disappearance of a German multi-millionaire took a sinister turn earlier today (October 22) after the wreckage of a private jet was found.

    Rainer Schaller, who made his money through his fitness studio business, was on board a plane believed to have crashed in Costa Rica.

    His family was also thought to have been on board.

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    The wreckage was found by Costa Rican officials this morning around 17 miles from Limon airport.

    They confirmed that they believed it to be the private plane carrying Schaller, the founder of Germany's McFit gym chain, and some members of his family.

    Schaller, 53, was traveling with other Germans including a 44-year-old woman, a 40-year-old man and two children.

    The pilot, 66, was a Swiss citizen, according to Costa Rica's security ministry.

    Costa Rican authorities received an alert on Friday night about the missing plane, which was en route from Mexico to Limon,

    Security Minister Jorge Torres said earlier. The aircraft had lost communication with the control tower near Barra de Parismina, a few minutes from Limon, according to Torres.

    No word has yet been released on whether or not any bodies or survivors were found in the wreckage, but a large-scale search is underway

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    The plane Schaller was on was a Piaggio P 180 Avanti.

    It is a twin turboprop engine plane, and has the space for nine passengers and two pilots.

    It is normally used by the Italian Air Force, Navy and Army, while Avantair had previously used it for high-class customers in the past.

    Around 246 of planes exist, with the last one being building in December 2020 – the first one went into production in 1986.

    The craft has also been used in the past by government officials from Bulgaria, Canada, Poland and the United Arab Emirates.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin actually owns one of the newer versions – the 1 Avanti II, according to local reports.

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