Horror as homeowner wakes up to ‘popping noise’ before house erupts into flames

This is the terrifying moment an electric motorbike explodes and erupts into a fireball that rips through the home within seconds.

Video shared by firefighters shows the owner walking downstairs after hearing a "popping noise" in the kitchen in the middle of the night on February 24.

The smoke can be seen billowing out from the corner and a loud explosion set the property on fire.

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One person is heard yelling "get out".

The house in Illingworth, near Halifax, was severely damaged and in particular, the kitchen was destroyed by fire.

Five people were taken to hospital after emergency service rushed to the scene at around 1am.

All victims suffered smoke inhalation, with one treated for burns to the mouth and the windpipe.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service say the fire was caused by an electric motorbike which was being charged in the house.

"The video shows the owner rushing downstairs in the middle of the night after being woken by a popping noise, created by the batteries of an electric motorbike being charged inside the hosue," they detailed.

"The sound indicated the batteries were failing due to thermal runaway – this is when too much heat is generated within a battery.

"Seconds later, fire dramatically erupts and sets off the smoke alarm."

John Cavalier, fire officer, warned against the danger posed by lithium batteries, which can be found in cars, scooters, laptops and e-cigarettes.

He said: "Any other type of fire we deal with has usually developed slowly, and people are able to get out quickly. However, battery fires are so ferocious and spread so quickly that there isn’t as much time to escape.

"While fires involving lithium batteries are common, having a video showing the violence of the fire's development is not.

"It's clear to see in the video that the fire is absolutely horrifying – none of us would want this to happen in our homes."


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