Heiress ‘spent £50k on bouncer boyfriend before he killed her to get more cash’

A British woman reportedly spent £50,000 on the German boyfriend who now stands accused of murdering her.

Marc Schatzle, 32, claims Anna Reed died as he choked her during a sex game in their Switzerland hotel room.

The 22-year-old millionaire's daughter had met Schatzle just 12-weeks before her death while she was in Thailand.

Over the three-month relationship, Anna splashed out on the bouncer with lavish gifts, hotel rooms and expensive drinks, it is claimed.

According to The Sun, she bought the tattooed Schatzle a new suit, £100 bottles of champagne and footed the £300 a night bill for their hotel in Switzerland, where Anna was killed.

Anna was on a world tour to celebrate her 21st ­birthday when she met Schatzle.

She travelled with Schatzle to Vietnam, Singapore and Dubai before heading back to Europe.

Speaking to the court in Lugano, Switzerland, Schatzle said how he was sorry for killing Anna.

He insisted Anna had died accidentally during rough sex at the hotel on April 9, 2019.

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Schatzle said: “I put a towel around her neck and started kissing her. But she wanted more so I put my hand on the towel and pushed.

“We did this a lot. She liked it and had done it before lots of times with her previous partners but I had never done anything like that before.

“She would tap my hand if she wanted me to stop. That was our code. That night the towel wasn’t having much effect so I used my hand as well.”

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Prosecutors claim Schatzle was riddled with debt and killed Anna to gain access to more than £25,000 that was sat in her bank account.

Anna was given money for her round-the-world trip as a 21st birthday present by her dad Clive, who owns a stud farm worth more than £12 million in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Her sudden death caused shock in the close-knit community in Harrogate.

The trial continues.

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