Harry’s ‘trademark royal bald patch’ with fresh rumours James Hewitt is his dad

Fans have declared Prince Harry has the "trademark royal bald patch" after he released a Netflix documentary alongside his wife Meghan Markle.

Three episodes of the controversial series have already been released on the streaming platform – and bosses promise another "volume" is on the way.

They show the Duke and Duchess of Sussex relaxing at home in the USA after the pair dramatically left England.

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But one thing has stood out for some fans: the Prince's hair.

One person wrote on Twitter: "Seeing from this documentary that Prince Harry is getting the trademark family bald patch. For comedy reasons, it's sad to discover he is legitimate, but it's quite comforting to know one of that family can be normal."

And it's not the first time his hair has been mentioned since the release of the documentary.

Earlier this week, we reported some Royal Family fans had claimed Harry has gone "fully bald".

A snapshot of the Duke of Sussex at an event alongside Meghan gave a top-down perspective of Harry's bonnet, which appeared to be lacking in locks.

The Duke's hair has long been a subject of discussion also thanks to rumours that its abundance and ginger colour mean King Charles might not be the Prince's real dad.

Some fans have even restarted the rumour that James Hewitt is Prince Harry's real father.

After Princess Diana confirmed her affair with the former British Army officer during her now-infamous interview with Panorama, there were widespread suggestions Harry wasn't really Charles' son.

One troll wrote: "Prince Harry is allowing Meghan Markle to trash the Royal Family because in my opinion… King Charles isn’t his Dad. Diana’s lover James Hewitt is… So he doesn’t care…"

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