Harry displayed ‘moments of sadness looking for reassuring figure’, says expert

Prince Harry showed “moments of sadness” during the grandeur of today's Coronation of King Charles, an expert has claimed.

Harry had all but been relegated to the background of his father's big day, finding himself on the third row during the Westminster Abbey event.

Having quit his position as a working royal a few years ago, he was also set to play no part in the official proceedings before, during and after the event.

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And while he clearly showed moments of joy at seeing his slightly-estranged father being crowned Head of State, it also appeared as if he was showing his regret at not being able to do so, a top body language expert has claimed.

Darren Stanton, representing Betfair Bingo, said: “Harry was confident and seemed genuinely quite elated throughout the ceremony.

“He showed signs of pride towards his father, however, during the procession as King Charles passed Harry on his exit from the Abbey, Harry displayed fleeting moments of sadness within his facial expressions.

“As he was on the outside looking on, it seemed Harry experienced feelings of nostalgia too.

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“A noticeable moment was when Harry was seated in the Abbey, he was looking for a reassuring figure and appeared slightly out of sync compared to everyone else.”

However, Darren also points out that the Duke of Sussex uses a self-pacifying gesture in order to reassure himself.

And it was one that not many would have spotted.

He explained: “We saw him adjusting his sleeves in a bid to reassure himself – a tell-tale pacifying gesture.

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“He displayed signs of emotion and compassion throughout the ceremony, which was no doubt challenging for him at times.

“However, as the ceremony played out, we saw Harry ease, in his stance and his expressions.

“He relaxed and gained more confidence, appearing how he did when he first arrived."

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