Harry and Meghan’s plan to renew vows is a ‘blow you’ to public and royals

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are tipped to renew their wedding vows in the US – a move that's been labelled "a bit unkind" by one commentator.

The plan, which is rumoured to involve renewing vows in front of Netflix cameras, as well as holding as a "second honeymoon", has been described as the couple's way of saying "blow you" to the British public and fellow royals, according to expert Angela Levin.

The royal biographer told GB News: “My view is that they want to show what a 'real proper wedding' is going to be like.

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“I think if you read between the lines, it is ‘blow you’ in the UK. Never mind you spent £32 million on our wedding – and blow you the Royal family."

Levin said she finds the process "a bit unkind", stating that the original wedding was already very American to begin with.

"I think really, they're not necessarily doing it for themselves but they're doing it for Netflix," she said, referencing Harry and Meghan's Netflix deal, which was reportedly worth up to $100 million.

Levin states that many will not want to see "the whole thing" again.

When asked if there would be some people who would boycott the renewal of vows she said: “I think you're right. I feel a lot of people wouldn't want to because in America at the moment they feel really sorry for how they've treated the Queen.

“I’ve had loads and loads of letters telling me this, saying that, we can't stand it because why is she being so hurtful to the Queen at 96, and I think that is really penetrating into the American people.”


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