Harry and Meghan ‘setting up alternative branch of Royal Family’ says biographer

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are effectively setting an "alternative branch" of the Royal Family in California, a biographer believes.

Robert Lacey, who works as a historian for the Netflix drama The Crown, told Australia's Today program the Duke of Sussex and his wife will remain an ongoing challenge for the monarchy because they have "a lot to say".

Mr Lacey also claimed the so-called "rivalry" between William and Harry began at an early age and "resentment" began to build in the younger prince.

He said: "I mean right from the beginning there was rivalry, age of four Harry once said to the nanny 'why do I have to behave properly I'm not going to be king?'

"These kids have been stereotyped from an early age.

"Harry was always the dirty rascal with William the king of the castle, William could do no wrong.

"And that resentment festers and it festers to the present day.

"They've decided as you know to start a new life in California and that's a new challenge for the British Royal Family to have an alternative branch as it were.

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"In 1936 King Edward VIII went into abdication, published his memoirs and they said nothing else.

"Well, Harry and Meghan have a lot to say and that's an ongoing challenge for William and the rest of the Royal Family in Britain."

This comes after royal historian Dr Tessa Dunlop claimed Prince Charles was "clumsy" and "dropped the ball" by allegedly not realising the value of having Meghan in the monarchy.

Speaking on Palace Confidential, she claimed: "He was ready and keen to welcome her into the family, but he failed to recognise the wider implications of having a woman of colour in the contemporary Royal Family and what that meant for the potential reach and potential diversity, the voice in the Commonwealth and he dropped the ball."

Dr Dunlop said Charles should have made Archie the "biggest and best prince on the planet" despite his aims to slim down the monarchy.

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