Gym owner refuses to close down ahead of second coronavirus lockdown in England

A gym owner has vowed to keep his premises open despite the government announcing a second national lockdown.

Alex Lowndes, owner of Gainz Fitness and Strength in Cambridge and Bedford, took to Instagram to claim that exercise is not part of the problem in regards to spreading coronavirus.

In the clip, he says: "We have done a lot of thinking and we have decided that we are actually going to stay open.

"The reasons for that are laid out in a document that we have prepared which is two full pages – contains a lot of facts, a lot of relevant information."

He takes out the two-full document and continues: "No, this isn't Liverpool, this isn't Tier 3, this is national lockdown.

"The same arguments apply, the same logic, the same facts.

"Gyms are part of the solution here, not part of the problem. We need to be allowed to stay open. We are going to stay open.

"We hope that becomes legal in time."

Gym owner and fitness fans have blasted the government's decision to close down indoor and outdoor leisure facilities as part of the month-long lockdown, which starts on November 5.

More than 500,000 people have already signed a petition to reverse the decision.

Alex could be handed a large fine if the authorities find his gym is still open.

In the document, he mentions that physical exercise is paramount to the immune system and that health should be right at the top of the nations’ priorities.

He adds that gyms are safe havens for people, places of escape.

It also reads: "We all know that obesity is the biggest co-morbidity when it comes to Covid, and what has the government done about this?

"Absolutely NOTHING. In fact, they subsidised fast food, so that people could buy cheeseburgers for 45p.

"Why not invest in educating people on nutrition, encouraging physical exercise? Perhaps a VAT cut on running shoes, bicycles, gym memberships.

"Closing gyms goes against science in every way possible."

Alex is not the only gym owner to have attempted to defy government guidelines in keeping their business open.

Three weeks ago, Nick Whitcombe, who owns Bodytech Fitness in Merseyside, was handed a £1,000 fine for ignoring the government lockdown rules by keeping his business open.

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