Gruesome injury of pub landlady whose ear was bitten off by woman in boozy brawl

A barmaid who had her ear bitten off by a local punter has shared gruesome images of her injuries.

Michelle Thomas, 37, was off duty as landlady at The Firemans Arms in Birkenhead when she had a scuffle with an unruly pub goer.

Ms Thomas ended up on the floor with Gemma Rowlands, 25, who got on top off her before biting par of her ear off.

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Photos shared by Thomas show the grim injury with a large chunk of her ear lobe completely bitten off and painful scaring around her stitched up ear.

Rowlands admitted to the assault which took place on November 11, 2019 and told the court she was "disgusted" by her actions.

Rowland's husband Darren More, 31, vomited at the court hearing yesterday (Tuesday, February 28) as the details of his wife's crime was read out.

He was handed a suspended sentence for his part in the drunken brawl.

Michelle revealed how incident left her "traumatised" and permanently disfigured.

Reliving the incident to the Liverpool Echo, she said: "She went for me, they were all on top of me and there were people trying to stop it around us. Her partner was on top of me as well, the other lad that they were with was kicking me in the head."

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"She bit my ear off and then we got them out of the pub and it was only then I realised that my ear [had been bitten off].

"I felt her bite it, but I didn't realise she had actually bitten it off until one of customers got a cloth from behind the bar and put it on my ear."

Michelle said she decided against surgery to reconstruct her ear due to the eye-watering costs.

"They made me a prosthetic one because they said it would take 12 months before I could have the reconstructive surgery. I couldn't wear it because I had to glue it on and it wasn't the same colour as my ear and it just made me feel really paranoid," she said.

She was offered another surgery, but it would have been highly invasive, so she turned it down.

"When I went back to see the surgeon over the surgery, he explained they would have to take cartilage from my ribs and then my ribs would have to be drained and I would have to stay in hospital on three occasions just for them to make it.

Rowlands admitted wounding and was jailed for 14 months while More pleaded guilty to affray and was handed a four-month imprisonment suspended for a year.

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