Grisly clean of ‘bio-hazard’ student house where blood oozed through wall begins

The grisly crime scene in Idaho that saw four students stabbed to death in an evil frenzy that left their blood oozing through the walls is finally set to be cleaned up and disinfected – more than a month after the horror crime.

Cops announced that a private company will sanitise the eerie location, that has been flooded with sick true crime fans since the investigation started.

Moscow Police Chief James Fry explained: “Part of the reason we’re doing that is because of the biohazards, as well as chemicals that were used during the investigation.”

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It remains unclear exactly how long the clean will take or what will happen to the house when the investigation reaches its conclusion, with some demanding it be demolished.

Merida McClanahan, supervisor of property management services, said in a statement: “There’s various steps but once remediation is complete, then the homeowner’s insurance company can come in and do what they need to do in order to process an insurance claim.

“And then the property owner will be able to make the determination on what’s going to happen with the property in the future.”

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The brutality of the murders was so bad that one cop admitted it was “the worst crime scene” he had ever seen whilst another claimed the evil brute responsible may have been so terrifying that the students were too shocked to scream.

Police are yet to make an arrest into the shocking murders, despite receiving almost 20,000 tips into the incident.

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It has led to warnings that the beast behind the attack could be poised to strike again, with nobody yet to be brought to justice for the kilings of 20-year-old Ethan Chapin, 21-year-old Madison Mogen, 20-year-old Xana Kernodle and 21-year-old Kaylee Goncalves on November 13.

But that hasn’t stopped a constant stream of visitors turning up at the house to catch a glimpse of where the sick crime occurred.

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Mum Amanda Padgett turned up with her daughter to gawk at the house, telling the Daily Mail: "We're just curious. It's shocking. It's just more real to see it yourself.

“My daughter wanted to see it because she's in high school and she'll be in college next year. I wonder if it's a Ted Bundy-type or a student. I wouldn't want my daughter anywhere near this place.”

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Despite a major probe into the bloody killings, desperate copshave faced criticism for their handling of the case.

Distraught Steve Goncalves, dad to Kaylee, said in a brutal interview: “They’re just being cowards. There are girls walking around the street right now that deserve to know. They should be looking out for a sadistic male.”

But police officials have insisted the case has not gone cold and vowed to find the killer responsible for the tragedy.

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