‘Grindr Killer’ Stephen Port wants Eddie Redmayne to play him in film

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'Grindr Killer' Stephen Port who murdered four young men after going on dates through gay dating apps including Grindr, has said in his letters that he would like actor Eddie Redmayne to play him in a Hollywood film.

Convicted killer Stephen Port drugged, raped and murdered four men he met through the gay dating app amidst a 16-month killing spree embarking from June 2014 to September 2015.

It is understood that 12 men had been attacked by Stephen also during this time, with four of them resulting in death.

The news of the letters breaks as BBC drama Four Lives based on Stephen's murders is set to air on Monday 3 January at 9pm.

Port is serving his life sentence at Frankland prison after in 2016 he was found guilty of killing Anthony Walgate of Hull, Gabriel Kovari, Daniel Whitworth and Jack Taylor.

In his trial, it emerged that Stephen was transfixed with "drug rape" pornography and had gone on to use the date-rape drug GHB on his victims. Three of the victims bodies were found in Barking's graveyard and the first victim was thrown outside.

Before his trial, Stephen had written to a Manchester pen-pal, who shared 100 pages of his letters with The Mail on Sunday. It’s these letters that revealed the murderers preference for which Hollywood actor to play him in a film.

Stephen wrote: "Not sure who could play me in a film. I have been told I look like a younger version of Kevin Bacon, so maybe him or Eddie Redmayne, and maybe the guy who played Captain America."

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In the upcoming BBC drama, The Office's co-creator and comedian Stephen Merchant will be playing the convict.

Stephen Merchant has spoken publicly of the role, commenting on how the police mishandling of the case was "utterly shocking" with leads missed that could have prevented three deaths. An inquest last month has since looked into the mishandlings of the Met Police.

Merchant said: "When I first read the script I wanted to believe some of the many police errors in the investigation must have been overstated for dramatic purposes, but they weren’t."

The drama will follow the trial of Stephen Port and how he brought his poor victims from his dates to his home in Barking, east London.

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