Grim video showing what happens when lethal injection goes wrong alarms viewers

A group of campaigners calling for awareness of botched lethal injection have posted a remake video of what happens when a death penalty execution goes wrong.

Death Penalty Fail, a campaign aimed to "promote the facts, highlight the efficiencies and push for the repeal of death penalty in US, released the footage in 2016 in hopes to educate people on the burdens of the execution.

A lethal injection execution can take up to two hours inside the chamber before death is pronounced.

They claimed the medical staff who participate in the execution are usually "untrained" and some were "paid $300 (£400) cash" to do the job.

In the video, a member of staff injects midazolam, a sedative to anaesthetise the inmate, from another room while a priest stays in the other room, praying for the prisoner, who shares his "last words to the family".

The staff injects Vecuronium Bromide, a chemical to paralyse the prisoner so that he would not be able to move during the execution.

But when the executioners proceed to increase the dosage, they realise the inmate's eye are open and he's moaning in pain.

"Do I just go?" one asks and the other says: "No keep going, keep going. He should be unconscious and paralysed."

The staff continue the process and inject potassium chloride to stop the inmate's heart.

An overlay text in the clip mentioned: "If the prisoner is still conscious, this last chemical will cause an intense burning pain."

The physicians panicked when they realised the chemicals had gone "in the tissue but not the vein".

The botched execution caused the inmate's family in great distress as they watched him yelling in pain.

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The campaign group wrote: "Over the last few years, executions have been on the decline in the US, the practice has been fraught with pragmatic, fiscal, and constitutional problems.

"This hasn’t stopped the country from continuing to be one of the top executing nations in the world."

On Monday (May 2), Tennessee governor Bill Lee paused all 2022 executions in the state for an independent review of lethal injections.

“An investigation by a respected third-party will ensure any operational failures at TDOC are thoroughly addressed,” Lee said. “We will pause scheduled executions through the end of 2022 in order to allow for the review and corrective action to be put in place.”

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