Greta Thunberg pulls out of climate change marches in France at the last minute

The fierce climate activist was supposed to be leading marches later this week in the two French cities. Greta wrote on Twitter: “Due to family reasons I will not be able to participate in the marches in Grenoble and Paris this Friday and Saturday.“Hope to return to France as soon as it’s possible”. Her many fans commented on the Tweet and wished her well, with some people guessing her pulling out could be linked to wanting to avoid the coronavirus outbreak.

France has the second highest number of confirmed cases of the virus in Europe after Italy.

One commenter said: “Thanks for the message. We know that your spirit will be there fully.

“That counts a lot for something.”

Another published a video with the message that ‘family reasons’ means ‘coronavirus’.

Another of Greta’s fans wrote: “My dear, I write from Italy. And France and Germany is not in a so different situation.

“It’s a must to stay at home in this period.

“Marches are ok, but not at present


Harriet Moore wrote: “Stay safe. Coronavirus is a bad thing and best avoided. Hope all in your family keep well. You are a legend and a hero to so many of us.”

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Greta warned governments she “will not be silenced when the world is on fire” during a climate march in Bristol last month.

She addressed 15,000 people at the Bristol Youth Strike 4 Climate event.

The Swedish environmentalist said: “We are the change, and change is coming whether you like it or not.


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“Activism works so I’m telling you to act,” she said. “We are being betrayed by those in power.”

Around 45,000 climate campaigners marched in Paris at the same time last year to condemn was they called was the French government’s inaction on climate change.

They had placards which included: “We are here to demonstrate against the inaction on climate change… and against the multi-billionaires in their ivory towers.”

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