Governor general highlights ‘complicated’ overdose issue while touring Vancouver prevention site

Canada’s governor general says multiple solutions are needed to combat the overdose crisis that continues to plague the country, requiring efforts from all corners of affected communities.

Julie Payette made the comments while touring an overdose prevention site and meeting with first responders in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside Saturday, who are on the front lines of the fight against fentanyl and other deadly substances that have contributed to a rise in drug-related deaths.

She said while she admired and wanted to highlight the work of paramedics, firefighters and police, she said more needs to be done.

“If it wasn’t a complicated situation, we would have solved it a long time ago,” she said. “And what I see is that we are doing exactly the right thing about it, is to work all together.

“It’s not just first responders, it’s not just health, it’s also a society and social work and it’s in the community together is where we are going to find solutions and diminish the hardship.”

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