Google Maps user spots bizarre sign warning cars to ‘slow down for naked people’

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A Google Maps user has spotted a bizarre sign warning onlookers about "naked people" up ahead.

The strange roadside marker was discovered in the Central American country of Belize, with the sign being uploaded to Reddit.

The sign reads in block capital letters: "Slo down naked people ahead."

It remains to be seen what the sign refers to and who these mysterious naked people are.

One commenter joked: "Run faster," appearing to joke that they would run towards the aforementioned naked people.

The original poster said the sign is situated near the Hamanasi Adventure, a diving resort in the Caribbean country, before adding they cannot remember the exact location.

Belize is the only country in Central America where English is spoken as the official language.

It was formally made part of the British Empire in 1862, as British Honduras, before it was granted self-governance in 1964.

The country was given full independence in 1981, while the official name was changed from British Honduras to Belize in 1973.

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Google Maps users often find themselves faced with odd occurrences on the site.

One came across what they claimed was "one of the gates of hell" in an incredibly eerie post.

They posted an image on Reddit of Chinoike Jigoku, a blood red steaming thermal pool in Oita, Japan, which the Buddhists used to think was the gateway to hell due to its intense colour.

The pool's original uses were said to be just as hellish as its dark, red, boiling mud. Chinoike Jigoku was used to torture people and then boil them to death with the temperature rising to a skin-melting 78C.

Meanwhile, another user believed they had found "Russia's secret Arctic base" – but others pointed out that the supposed discovery was actually captured in Antarctica.

The upload was quickly inundated with comments, many explaining to the original poster that the video actually features Antarctica and not the Arctic.

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