‘Good Joe Biden myth exposed!’ GB News’ Christys in furious slap down of US President

Afghanistan: Pundit hits out at Joe Biden's handling of crisis

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Political pundit and GB News host Patrick Christys has insisted the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban has shattered a “myth” about US President Joe Biden. Mr Christys argued during a fiery monologue that President Biden’s claim to be a “progressive” world leader who cares about women or indeed ethnic minorities have been exposed as the people of Afghanistan face the return of Taliban rule following the withdrawal of the US military.

Mr Christy said: “I work up this morning to headlines across the British media describing what is happening in Afghanistan as a disaster.

“Disaster as Taliban take control, let’s be very clear on this the word disaster does not do justice to what is going on out there.

“Capitulation, dereliction of duty, humiliation, crime against humanity, impending genocide, humanitarian crisis – all of those words rolled together don’t evens scratch the surface.

“All of this is a misguided attempt to bring democracy to a region that only knows hardline dictatorships or radical religious rule.” 

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“The arrogance of trying to impose fluffy western values on people with an entirely different culture and outlook on life is sickening,” he added.

“It is not as if the Afghan Lib Dems are coming out in force, is it?

“Even though there is probably a stronger Liberal Democrat presence in Kabul than there is in Westminster.

“Ironically I very much doubt that they want to vote to remain there.”

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“We shouldn’t have been there in the first really though should we?

“The Afghan withdrawal has exposed the myth as well that Joe Biden is a good guy,” continued the GB News host.

“Biden claims to be in charge of the most progressive government in US history.

“With a record number of women from ethnic minority backgrounds in his cabinet.


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“But how can Joe Biden claim to care about women or indeed ethnic minorities or even the poorest in society.

“When his decision to pull out of Afghanistan and withdraw all air support to the Afghan National Army has confined millions of Afghani women to a life of slavery, rape, no education, and no rights whatsoever,” concluded Mr Christys.

Taliban forces declared total victory of Sunday as fighters moved in to take the Afghan capital Kabul.

The Afghan Government swiftly collapsed with President Ashraf Ghani fleeing the country and seeking refuge in neighbouring Uzbekistan.

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