Golden retriever pup tries to befriend ‘alpha’ dog in park – but fails miserably

An adorable golden retriever has left viewers in stitches with his disastrous attempt to befriend an "alpha" Rottweiler.

In a TikTok video that has been watched nearly 4 million times, Sully the puppy is trying to get the attention of the bigger dog which is relaxing in a local park.

The puppy, aged five months in that video, tries to nuzzle the face of the Rottweiler and rolls around on the ground next to the older and less playful dog.

But the Rottweiler continues to ignore the poor pup, even as he snuggles right up to him and wags his tail.

The playful goldie makes several more attempts to win over his stoic companion who continues to face the other way and ignore him.

Since Sully's owner Erin Toporski shared the video on her @thegoldenboys_mn TikTok channel, hundreds of people have commented on the cute scene.

One viewer shared: "My Rottweiler is the same when dogs play with him he never hurts them he is just old and always annoyed."

"This is so cute but the Rottweiler couldn't care less I hope they become besties," commented another user.

Someone else noted: "The puppy is being very submissive. He is being good."

A fourth person wrote: "You can tell the Rottweiler is telling him to leave him alone but also can't resist the puppy charm."

Erin told Daily Star: "He has a 120-pound big brother so he loves big dogs.

"The Rottweiler is essentially the 'alpha' of the dog park and is one of the biggest dogs there and, for some reason, Sully wants to try and be his friend so badly.

"Every time we got to the park he is constantly trying to give him kisses, play with him, and just overall annoy him.

"His efforts have not worked very well thus far."

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