Golden retriever howls like ‘Chewbacca’ every time she eats or ‘goes potty’

A golden retriever left her owner in fits of laughter when she was filmed howling like Chewbacca – and it's a regular occurrence.

Amanda Mumford, from Alaska in US, captured the adorable moment her pet "talked" to her in a funny voice and she couldn't help but compare the sound to the famous Star Wars hairy hero's animal-like vocalisation.

Goldie owners have previously revealed how their pets love talking to them, but Amanda was stunned by the sound of her furry friend noises.

In a hilarious video on Facebook group, the pooch holds a stuffed bunny toy in her mouth while standing on the couch seeking her owner's attention.

She wags her tail profusely and grunts in a high-pitched voice as if she is sharing a conversation with her owner.

Amanda wrote: "Anyone else’s dog sound like Chewbacca?! She does this every time after she eats or goes potty.

"Sometimes this will go on for minutes. She is such a hoot."

Many golden retriever owners were surprised when they realised their dogs share a similar trait to Amanda's pooch.

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One said: "Oh my God… sounds EXACTLY like our Bella! She stands on the back of the couch and 'talks' through whatever toy is in her mouth as well! It is how she greets everyone every single day!"

"Our Honeybear gets excited after eating also," a second wrote. "She will get a toy from her basket and bring it over to me, but will not give it up. It’s her play time with a small vocal growl."

Some called it a "welcome home" grunt as they noticed their golden retriever making the same sound whenever they come back home from work.

"They are such goobers!" Amanda joked.

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