Girl, 9, rushed to hospital after being scolding by hot tea at Buckingham Palace

A girl with cerebral palsy was rushed to hospital after being scolded by hot tea during a weekend trip to Buckingham Palace.

Georgie Gibbs, nine, and her family were enjoying a weekend excursion at Buckingham Palace, the headquarters of the Queen, when the family decided to stop at the royal garden café on July 23.

However, shortly after sitting down, a scolding cup of hot tea spilt on Georgie.

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Georgie's mum Clare, 48, recounted the horrific accident and said she thinks "Georgie’s wheelchair got budged and it knocked the table and caused the cup of tea to fall on her".

“We sat down with our collection of cakes and drinks, suddenly Georgie started to scream and scream," Clare said.

“It all happened so quickly and somehow the scalding hot tea had spilt onto her leg and was running down into the splint that she wears.

“The café was packed and we were at a small circular table at the front near where everyone was ordering.

Clare said the cafe went silent due to her daughter's screams and customers started to pour their cold drinks down Georgie's leg.

“The screams were horrific to hear and the whole cafe of tourists stopped in silence.

“We took the splints off as quickly as possible and I called immediately for iced water to put over her legs, suddenly all the customers started pouring their cold drinks onto her legs to cool the burns while waiting for more cold water.”

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An ambulance was called and soon transported George to St Thomas's Hospital where she suffered second degree burns to her legs as Clare praised the ambulance crew and the management of the royal cafe.

She said: “The staff of the cafe came quickly with crate after crate of canned iced cold water which is vital when there is a burn.

“Management arrived quickly and efficiently and called the ambulance as Georgie was in pain and shock, we could see the legs were starting to blister.

“The management were amazing, keeping me informed of all their actions and reassuring me that help was on its way. The ambulance crew immediately gave Georgie some morphine and administered a special burns dressing to her legs."

As Georgie's trip to visit Buckingham Palace was sadly cut short, she and her family were invited back the next day where Clare said they were "treated like royalty".

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Clare paid £142 to take Georgie for the tour of the palace and gardens alongside her other daughter Ella, 11, and partner Bruce Martin, 54, and said the return to the palace on Sunday was "really special".

She said: “We were all very excited about this as it felt really special and something good that came out of a bad experience.

“We were escorted by palace management back to the garden cafe were we had afternoon tea but with cold drinks this time.

“The staff gave Georgie and Ella a Jubilee teddy bear and a corgi dog cuddly toy. We were all treated like royalty.”

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