Girl, 4, says coronavirus hoarders ‘should go to jail’ as she looks for food

A four-year-old girl's hilarious supermarket rant branding coronavirus panic-buyers “a joke” who should be "taken to jail" has gone viral.

Jessica Legg was annoyed when she went to Tesco with her mum, Jen, only to discover there was barely anything left on the shelves amid a spate of COVID-19 hoarding.

Sitting in the trolley seat, the sassy tot from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, said hoarders should be "taken to jail”, Daily Record reports.

The unimpressed little girl said: "There will be no food left if they take all of it. Granny's told me before, they've taken all this food and that's why there's no food left.

Her mum Jen replies: "I know it's ridiculous."

Jessica goes on: "We should have gone to Morrisons because they would have lots of food."

But when her mum explains the situation is the same there, the horrified girl is momentarily speechless, then replies: "You're joking! It's a joke!"

Mum Jen replies: "I know it's a joke, but that's what people are doing."

Jessica replies: "They might get in trouble, they should! What if they take all the food? There will be none left."

When mum Jen explains people “are being greedy”, Jessica replies bluntly “they're bad”.

The youngster then calls for drastic measures, adding: "Someone should go to their house and call the police and take them to jail. It's getting annoying, they're taking all this food and it's a joke."

Jessica's rant has been shared more than 8,000 times and received hundreds of comments from people in agreement with the straight-talking four-year-old.

An amused viewer said: "Can you head your little lady towards a career in politics – old head on young shoulders!”

In agreement, a second person wrote: "Well said Miss J and not a scripted comment, more common sense from a four-year-old than the adults panic buying. Love her."

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