Girl, 14, pregnant after being groomed by gang for sex-trafficking to UK

A 14-year-old girl is eight months pregnant after being groomed and abused by a Romanian sex trafficking gang who were "training" her for prostitution in the UK.

The girl, called Sorena, doesn’t even know which of her abusers is the father of her baby, as revealed in a shocking report by ITV News today.

Iana Matei, who runs a shelter for trafficked children in Romania, is looking after six girls at the moment.

The former victims include a 13-year-old girl who was beaten if she wouldn't have sex with her abusers and a 16-year-old girl who fled home after being raped by her father.

Sadly, if they are not rescued, the girls are sold to countries like the UK where they are coerced into prostitution.

Iana told ITV: "If they are very young they are exploited in flats because they are hidden.

"At 14 or 15 years old they can be taken out on the street to get used to the environment.

"They train them until they are 18 in Romania and then they sell them to western countries like the UK.

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"It’s very difficult to help them when they are in your country because they've been in this situation for four or five years.

"There is no other life they know.

"You can’t save them all."

While the film crew is secretly filming in Romania's capital of Bucharest, a pimp approaches and boasts that his country is famous for "good b*****s".

In the clip, they are also offered Class A drugs like cocaine.

This comes after a bunch of creeps filmed themselves throwing wads of cash in the air as they boasted about making money from trafficking women – including one who was sold for £10,000 outside Primark.

And a 15-year-old girl tragically killed herself two years after being drugged and sold for sex.

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