Gibraltar talks: UK and Spain meet to hash out post-Brexit sovereignty row

Gibraltar: Morton discusses priorities in post-Brexit relations

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On Wednesday, there were a number of talks between the UK and Spain about relations between the island and the municipality of Campo de Gibraltar following Brexit. The first meeting saw a discussions about police and customs cooperation, with Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix, mayor of the town of San Roque, welcoming attendees.

The second meeting, held on the same day, was centred around environmental issues.

Mario Luis González Pliego, head of the Gibraltar Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, kicked off the event by thanking the City Council of San Roque for making the ‘Governor’s Palace’ to both committees in the day.

Speaking at the meetings, Mayor Ruiz Boix said: “I hope and wish that both meetings will be fruitful and that we can continue to share the bonds of union between the different cities that make up Campo de Gibraltar and Gibraltar.

“May we all share the spirit of conciliation, agreement and consensus that has been conveyed to us by the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, who from the beginning engaged in dialogue so that our region shares with Gibraltar what he has called an area of shared prosperity.

“That is the challenge that the local entities and the region have, and I hope that the British and Gibraltar delegations share it.”

He hoped “it will soon be possible to announce to the public that agreements have been reached, and that the 2018 memoranda will be extended, improved or renewed.

“In short, that we can continue to share our life in Campo de Gibraltar with the neighbours of Gibraltar.”

In 2018, both the UK and Spain had agreed on relations between Gibraltar and the Spanish region on a number of areas: citizens’ rights, tobacco, the environment, and police and customs cooperation.

As part of these negotiations, there were also representatives from the European Union, Andalucía, Campo de Gibraltar and the Government of Gibraltar.

The current meetings, which have taken place, have been a series of two negotiations which are between two separate committees.

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The first of which is the Committee for Police and Customs Cooperation who discussed the environment and met in San Roque on Wednesday, September 29.

The second of the two meetings is the Committee on Citizens’ Rights and met in Gibraltar on Thursday, September 30.

The committees are expected to continue to discuss the UK and Gibraltar’s departure from the EU, and the impacts this could have on the countries.

The Committees last met in Gibraltar on July 28, 2020 (Police & Customs and Environment) and in La Linea on 21 October 2020 (Citizens’ Rights).

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega

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