German Shepherd sneaks up to surprise Golden Retriever friend in adorable video

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During the clip, viewers see Cleo the German Shepherd from Sydney, Australia being filmed by her owner sitting in a park when they suddenly spot some familiar faces. The Golden Retriever and their male owner enter the scene in which a caption and voice over explains: “Known each other since they were puppies, but never forget to make each catch up an exciting one.”

As soon as Cleo the German Shepherd sees her friend, she instantly crouches down in an attempt to conceal herself from sight, as she begins to stalk her lifelong pal in a rather feline manner.

Cleo is shown crouching down very still before slowly shuffling closer to the dog in an attempt not to be spotted by her four-legged friend.

While the Golden Retriever appears to be none the wiser or maybe even playing along with the prank, the theme song to American film series Mission Impossible plays in the background.

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As Cleo turns back smiling at her owner, seemingly happy that her canine companion hasn’t noticed, the yellow-furred hound slowly begins to stalk towards her.

After a few seconds of the duo hilariously staring each other off, the two finally greet each other and begin running excitedly around the grassy field.

Since uploading the funny footage to TikTok, the dog’s spy-like behaviour has been viewed over 14 million times and gained almost three million likes.

Several people left their reactions in the comments section, one person said: “I love when dogs become invisible to other dogs when they crouch down.”

A TikTok user questioned: “Is that a Shepherd or a bunny. Too cute.”

One dog lover replied: “I love how the golden plays along like ‘you guys hear something?'”

Another comment jokingly said: “I think it’s a cat in a German Shepherd disguise.”

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