Gang boss ‘ordered Keane Mulready-Woods revenge hit for Richard Carberry murder’

A gang boss hell-bent on revenge for his friend's murder could have been behind the kill order given to execute Keane Mulready-Woods.

The hit may have been financed by a businessman known for gun-for-hire kills as part of the vicious Irish Drogheda feud.

A source told The Sun a mob boss, who lives a lavish lifestyle, hired a hitman after Richard Carberry was gunned down outside his home in November.

The assassin is believed to be well known to cops, and is allegedly behind a number of murders, including the killing of Kenneth Finn in February 2018 and the shooting of Richard Carberry in November 2019.

Cops believe Keane may have had some involvement with both rivalling gangs, who run the backstreets of Dublin.

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A source told The Sun: “The mob boss is the sort of character that is operating in the background and under the radar.

“He wanted revenge for Carberry murder because he was a pal of his.

“The hired man is one of the chief suspects in the Mulready-Woods case, he’s a complete and utter psychopath.”

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Carberry and the hidden mobster are both from Dublin and were living outside of the capital to escape police attention.

A source said: "They just seem like regular people.

"They have families, nice houses, drive nice cars and keep their hands clean of any of the dirty work."

  • Keane Mulready-Woods murder: Two men arrested over teen's dismemberment

Two men were picked up by Gardia on Thursday morning over the murder and dismemberment of Keane.

The teen was last seen by his family on January 12, but the following night, a bag with his arms and legs were thrown from a car in Coolock, Dublin.

Keane's hands and feet were found in a burning car near Croke Park two days later and cops are still hunting for the teenager's torso.

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