Fuming peacock owner offers cash to catch thieves who nicked pet for Xmas lunch

A man who was left heartbroken after his pet peacock has been killed to be cooked for a Christmas lunch.

Richard Edwards was devastated after one of his family's seven pet peacocks was shot dead in their garden in Slindon Bottom Road in Arundel.

Edwards came across a mess of blood and feathers at the bottom of a tree and called Sussex Police to report the alleged shooting at 21.15 pm on Monday.

The Bognor-based vet issued an appeal to anyone who may know what happened or where the body of his beloved pet is but fears someone may be cooking up his peacock for Christmas dinner.

He said: "I am hoping that maybe someone will come forward with some information. The timing suggests that someone has killed it for Christmas lunch.

"They are a part of the family. It's extremely upsetting. We have got a Ring doorbell that doesn't extend to the road but it recorded someone shining a light up into the tree and then four or five minutes later several of the peacocks all started getting agitated.

"By the time I got outside, there was nobody there just a pile of feathers and some blood on the ground."

The distraught owner claims this was not the first time one of Mr Edwards' peacocks had been killed as he was forced to deal with an almost identical crime in January 2020.

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He added: "It was done in the same way, the problem is it is done at this time of year because there are no leaves and it makes it a lot easier to shoot them.

"We had seven, we now have six, the mate is making the most pitiful sounds — it is so so sad.

"They produced babies this year and we have got two little babies who were sitting up next to him when he got shot."

He later added on social media that he is offering a "substantial reward for information leading to a prosecution."

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