Four to be charged over brutal prison attack that saw lag ‘stomped to death’

Prosecutors in Ireland are preparing to charge four men responsible for a brutal prison “revenge beating” that saw a man kicked to death in his cell.

Robert O’Connor was found dead in his cell on Friday, July 29.

The 34 year old Dubliner had only begun his six year sentence at Mountjoy prison for possession of a firearm when four fellow-prisoners were spotted on CCTV following him into his cell.

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By the time prison guards reached the cell O’Connor was already lying in a pool of his own blood. He had been kicked and stomped to death and his shorts humiliatingly pulled down to his ankles.

O’Connor stopped breathing in the cell but was revived by prison medical staff. His injuries were so grave he died a few days later in hospital.

It’s believed that O’Connor had been targeted in a revenge attack because he had assaulted another prisoner who had previously assaulted his girlfriend.

All four suspects were quickly identified by prison staff and moved to other jails elsewhere in Ireland, reports the Irish Mirror.

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In the past 10 days, all four men have been returned to Mountjoy prison, formally arrested and questioned by police.

One of the suspects involved is reported to be a top member of the notorious Kinahan cartel who has a reputation for violence.

A prison source said: “Gardai are very close to completing their investigation into Robert O’ Connor’s death.

“All four suspects were back in Mountjoy in the last week or so, arrested and then taken away separately and formally quizzed by Gardai for up to 48 hours.

“The Gardai have built up a substantial case against them and we are expecting them to be charged shortly".

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“Robert O’Connor did not deserve to die," the source added, "it was a shocking and brutal attack. We do not know yet if they will be charged with murder or manslaughter.

“He was set up and left his own cell to go to a meeting in another landing when he was attacked.”

“ None of the suspects had any contact with each other when they were back in Mountjoy and removed for interview.”

Mr O’Connor’s heartbroken family pleaded at his funeral for no further retaliation as a result of his death.


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