Former soldier threw vase at fiancée’s head after England lost Euro final

A fiancé hurled a vase at his bride-to-be's head after England lost the Euro 2020 final to Italy, leaving a 5cm scar on her forehead just two weeks before their big day.

Keith Page, 62, and his partner were set to marry at the end of July but just weeks before the big day, he started texting his victim saying he didn't want to go through with the wedding.

And when the England football team were defeated on penalties at Wembley, the former soldier exploded in anger, forcing his partner to flee from the house with no shoes or trousers, the Liverpool ECHO reported.

The victim was left with a 5cm wound and bits of ceramic embedded in her forehead, before Page, who has PTSD, penned a bizarre note and later claimed he had intended to throw a cushion, before abandoning this argument.

Liverpool Crown Court heard the 66-year-old victim was in a relationship with Page for eight years.

Simon Duncan, prosecuting, said: "She says she has been on the receiving end of abuse from him in the past and of concern to her was the fact that prior to this incident, he had been drinking more."

The prosecutor said on the evening of July 11 the victim was at home in bed and said she was "staying out of his way" because he had been drinking.

Mr Duncan said: "He was watching the Euros football final on television and during the course of that evening he sent her texts telling her he was not going to go through with the wedding or honeymoon."

He said the victim didn't respond, but "at the end of the match she heard the defendant shout at the TV".

Mr Duncan added: "Of course, we all know the result."

The prosecutor said: "He appeared on the landing outside the bedroom. She felt something hit her forehead and he entered the room.

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"She reached for her phone to call the police but he snatched it from her hand. She felt blood dripping down her face.

"She pushed past the defendant and ran out of the house, minus her bottoms and minus any footwear, such was the state of her panic."

The court heard a neighbour – who said the victim was "crying and shaking with fear" – took her to hospital and the police were called.

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Page was arrested on July 12, when during a search of his home a handwritten note was discovered.

The court heard Page wrote: "Life is over, can't stop here. I hurt you by tossing a cup at you. I've decided to walk. See you on the dark side of the moon. Good luck in life."

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Mr Duncan said it was now known he in fact threw a vase, which was found shattered in the bedroom by police.

Page gave a no comment interview, but later admitted assault causing actual bodily harm.

The judge adjourned the case and granted Page bail because he needed the results of an ongoing report into his mental state, but said the fact he was doing so "shouldn't be interpreted by him in any way".

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