‘For goodness’ sake!’ Kirkwood issues serious warning to Britons as thunderstorms to hit

Carol Kirkwood issues serious weather warning

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Carol Kirkwood said a large area of cloud will cover much of the UK for most of Tuesday and Wednesday, sparking some patchy rain and some drizzle. The rainy condition will slowly recede in Northern Ireland and the Island of Sky to leave room for brighter skies, but the UK sky will mostly be overcast today and tomorrow with temperatures ranging from 9 in the north and about 17 degrees in the south. Ms Kirkwood said: “So, take your brolly.  But if it is thundery, for goodness’ sake, do not put it up.”

“It’s going cloudy tomorrow. Plus, there will be some showers around.

“And some of those could be heavy and thundery.

“But there will be some bright skies as well.

“Today the weather is not too dissimilar, actually. There’s a lot of cloud around as you can see from our weather watcher’s picture taken in Norfolk.”

The BBC forecaster continued: “And that cloud is certainly producing some patchy rain and also some drizzle, especially from the Midlands northwards.

“Now as we go through the course of the day, we’ll hang on to quite a bit of cloud and still some of that patchy rain.

“A lot of clouds across much of England and Wales.

“Still, producing some of that rain and also some drizzle.”

“And we’ve got some fog this morning across South Wales and also Southwest England, which is quite dense but it actually tends to lift.

The forecaster however noted some areas of brightness, especially in Northern Ireland and the Isle of Sky.

Much of England and Wales will be overcast with clouds producing patches of rain.

She added: “Now through the day what you find is the cloud will break in Wales and South-West England over towards the South-Eastern corner as well.”

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“And as it does so and temperatures rise, it will spark off some heavy showers with temperatures: 7 in the north to seventeen in the south.

“Now through this evening and overnight, there will still be some showers around and a lot of cloud in the new weather front coming in from the west will take its rain eastwards.

“Some of that will be heavy.

“But as a result, it’s not going to be a cold night.”

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