Flood warning: Nearly HALF of UK homes don’t know if they live in a high-risk flood zone

And now with more bad weather on the way, many people are not aware that their homes are at risk. In fact, nearly half of UK households have never checked if they live in a high risk flood zone, according to research from comparethemarket.com.

Forty-two percent of homeowners and 60 percent of renters have never checked if their home is at risk of being flooded.

The majority of people are also unaware of the schemes in place to protect households from flooding.

Shockingly, 67 percent of those asked were unaware that their home insurance premium could go towards reimbursing insurers who have had to pay out for flooding claims.

Insurers are expected to pay into the scheme which raises approximately £180 million every year to protect households.

In light of the horrific floods which followed after both Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis, of those surveyed, 63 percent agreed that the Government needed to do more to make sure high-risk homes could have affordable insurance.

Some people are unable to get insurance cover at all.

According to insurance company Flood Re, 26 percent of households are unable to get quotes from 10 or more insurers.

Head of home insurance Chris King at comparethemarket.com, said: “The impact of bad weather can be devastating to homes.

“As storms and flooding become more frequent, it is really important that households understand if they have adequate insurance.

“If you live in an area with a high-risk of flooding, it is crucial to check the terms and conditions of your home insurance policy should your home be flooded.”

The survey was carried out by Populus with a total 2,097 UK adults.

The research was carried out between January 29-30.

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Storm Dennis caused havoc last weekend, claiming at least three lives.

Hundreds were forced to flee their homes as the brutal storm devastated whole towns and communities.

Now the storm has passed, severe weather warnings remain in place.

Chief forecaster at the Met Office Steve Willington warned: “Storm Dennis has long gone, but the legacy of high water levels and saturated catchments remain.

“Although the forecast for the next few days indicates that conditions won’t be as severe, any additional rainfall could create further challenges as river catchments are more likely to respond to extra rainfall more quickly.

“Flooding, especially in areas already heavily affected, remains a possibility.”

Flood warnings from the Environment Agency also remain in place across the nation.

There are currently six severe flood warnings in place, according to the Environment Agency.

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