Female police officer seen snorting cocaine at party banned from being cop again

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A police officer who was seen taking Class A drugs at a party has been given a lifetime ban from working in law enforcement.

PC Sarah Richardson had been due to face a misconduct hearing over her use of cocaine at a garden party in August this year but she resigned before any action could be formally taken.

The hearing ruled that if she was still employed by Cumbria police she would have been sacked.

It was said the officer breached the police's standards of professional behaviour in respect of honesty and integrity and discreditable conduct.

The hearing was told that on August 15, PC Richardson attended a garden party while off duty.

During the course of the party she left to buy cocaine which she then snorted in the bathroom when she returned.

She then refused to give a specimen of urine when required to do so, which was ruled to be "wilfully refusing to comply with a lawful order".

The allegations, which were proven, ruled to amount to gross misconduct, the hearing was told and her name will be placed on the College of Policing's barred list.

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A Cumbria police spokesman said: “We hold our officers and staff to extremely high standards of professionalism and integrity – both when on duty and in uniform or when off duty.

“In this instance, the actions of then PC Richardson fell far short of the standards we expect.

“While the officer had already resigned from her role, this public finding of gross misconduct will also result in her being added to the barred list – meaning she will not be able to become a police officer elsewhere."

They added: “While I can assure people the overwhelming majority of our officers and staff perform their duties on behalf of the people of Cumbria in a way we can all be proud.

"It is my hope that today’s outcome will demonstrate that, where officers and staff fail to meet the standards expected of them, they are held accountable.

“Finally, I would like to that the panel, and in particular the Independent Legally Qualified Chair, for their thoroughness and diligence throughout this hearing.”

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